Meetings of the Management Committee

The Committee shall meet once per month during term times with a minimum quorum of 50% plus 1 of the members of the committee present.

The Chairperson and the Secretary shall have discretion to call further meetings of the Committee if they consider it to be in the interests of the Kells Swimming Cub.

A minimum of three days notice will be given to members save with exceptional circumstances. The Management Committee shall agree how notice shall be provided, whether this is phone, email and so forth.

The Committee should set out its agenda for a meeting prior to the meetings.

The Chairperson has the casting vote on any motion arising during the meetings and has the final decision on a Point of Order

The Chairperson shall preside at all meetings.

The Secretary, or in her/his absence a member of the Committee, shall take minutes.

The Treasurer shall relay the financial position of the club at each meeting.

The other Committee members must also relay details on the areas of the club they are designated too.

The Club Children’s Officer, Coaching and Teaching staff must also be given the opportunity to report and voice the concerns of their designated areas within the Club, as well as to advise the Management Committee on relevant issues.

Members can acquire the minutes of the meeting in a summary format by providing the Secretary with a self addressed envelope.

The Management Committee may also decide upon acceptable means of communication used, during periods between meetings, to ensure the day to day running of Kells Swimming Cub.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting shall be held in the Autumn Term and before November 15th of each year. Notice of the meeting shall be posted on the Club notice board and/or circulated at least 21 days in advance of the date thereof.

At this meeting, the Annual Report shall be presented, which shall consist of at least a: Chairman’s Report; Secretary’s Report and Treasurer’s Report.

Members who are fully paid up and over eighteen years of age are eligible to vote.

Parents shall hold one vote on behalf of their child/children within the Club. Only one parent may exercise this vote and this must be so agreed between the parents (that is one vote only and not one vote per child). Parents who are Club members in their own right may vote with this right for themselves and also cast one vote on behalf of their child/children. No voting by proxy is allowed.

An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by the Club Committee or by a petition requiring the signatures of at least twenty members over eighteen years of age.

A quorum at a meeting shall be as follows:

The outgoing Committee must step down during the AGM and may stand for re-election.

Nominations will be taken from the members present at the Annual General Meeting and, when accepted by the nominees, will be subject to election.

Two delegates to the Swim Ireland Annual General Meeting will be elected at the Club Annual General Meeting or at a later date by the Committee. They will be mandated by the Committee.


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