General safety

Safety is the responsibility of every individual involved in the Club. Identified risks should be reported to a member of the Club staff.

Kells Swimming Club is committed to ensuring the safety of its members in, and immediately around, the Pool area.

In the interest of safety in and around the Swimming Pool all our swimmers and spectators must understand and abide by these simple Pool rules:

Children who do not obey these rules or are considered by the Teacher to be acting in a manner that endangers themselves or others may be asked to leave the Pool and must get changed and sit in the spectators area until the end of the session or until collected by a parent.


All members of the Club are required to read, understand and sign the appropriate Code of Conduct.

Codes exist for Young People, Parents or Guardians, Teachers and Coaches, Leaders and Committee members.

About Us

Kells Swimming Club. To foster and develop Swimming and other water related activities and its participants. To promote the development of physical, moral and social qualities associated with sport, within the participants.


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