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Drop off / pick up

Kells Swimming Club can only accept responsibility for the Safety of children in, and immediately around, the Pool area. Therefore, when dropping your child off at a Club session please check that:

If a swimmer is unwell during a Club session they must not leave the building. They should get dressed and sit in spectator area until they are collected by a parent.

Since children are in the Club’s care for the duration of the session, any swimmer who has to leave the Pool early for whatever reason, must bring in a note signed by a parent.

Children who are considered by the Teacher to be acting in a manner that endangers themselves or others may be asked to leave the Pool and must get changed and sit in the spectators area until the end of the session.

When picking your swimmer up after the session :-

When picking your swimmer up after the session :-

Please, please, please.
Drive very slowly/safely in the car park area.
Children have a habit of running out from behind parked cars.
It could be your Child on the Road.


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