Good conduct is necessary to allow teaching and learning to take place and to ensure the safety of all Club members. Good conduct in the Club depends upon the co-operation between parents, teachers and children. We look forward to, and value, your co-operation.

Good conduct will be maintained by all members complying with the relevant “Codes of Conduct”.


It is the right of any Club Member to make a complaint where standards of care, treatment and practice are perceived to fall short of what is acceptable and should be expected. Likewise it is the right of the Club to take disciplinary action against a member for misconduct.

The Club will deal with complaints as laid out in Swim Ireland’s ‘Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures’, and will adopt Swim Ireland procedures in this regard.

Typical offences include, amongst others:

In the majority of cases disputes can be dealt with informally and every effort will be made to do so. If this is not successful the complaint will be referred to the Club Complaints and Disciplinary Committee.

Typical sanctions, depending on the severity of the misdemeanor, include:

Any complaint or issue concerning any form of suspected child abuse is not covered by these complaints and disciplinary procedures and will be referred by the Club to the relevant authorities in accordance with the reporting procedure in the “Swim Ireland Guidelines for Safeguarding Children” as amended from time to time.


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