Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures

The Club hereby adopts the Swim Ireland ‘Complaints & Disciplinary Rules and Procedures’ as amended by Swim Ireland from time to time (the Disciplinary Rules) and the Club and its members recognise and accept that they are bound by and must comply with the provisions of the Disciplinary Rules in resolving all complaints and disciplinary matters which fall within the scope of the Disciplinary Rules. Any issue involving members under 18 must also be brought to the attention of the Club Children’s Officer.

The Club has a Complaints and Disciplinary Committee. Where possible complaints will be handled informally but if necessary the Complaints and Disciplinary Committee will deal with any complaints that are not resolved informally.

The Club may suspend and/or terminate membership owing, but not limited to, violation of the constitution and/or Club rules, criminal behaviour or any activity deemed unseemly by the Committee. All Club terminations and suspensions will be reported to Swim Ireland, and can also be appealed to Swim Ireland.

Suspension or termination of an individual’s membership to Swim Ireland can only be done by Swim Ireland’s board. These procedures are laid out in the ‘Articles of Association of Swim Ireland’.


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