Affiliate / membership

By virtue of the affiliation of Kells Swimming Cub to Swim Ireland, it’s members acknowledge that they are subject to the laws, rules and constitutions of:

The minimum age for Club Membership is five years of age.

All Club members, including adult staff members are registered as members of Swim Ireland, either as “Competitor Members” , “Non-competitor Members” or “Learn to Swim Members”.

Non-competitor and Learn to Swim Members may not enter in Swim Ireland competitions but may enter in Club, Schools and Community Games competitions.

The Club will run three terms in line with Autumn, Winter and Summer school terms and, if there is sufficient demand, a Holiday term during the summer holidays.

Club Membership will be on a Term basis. Fees will be set by the Management Committee.

Members will be sent renewal notices at least three weeks before the start of a new term.

Members whose fees for a term have not been received by the closing date of that term, as decided by the Management Committe, will be deemed to have resigned from the Club. If they wish to rejoin their name will be added to the bottom of the Waiting List.

All members of the Club are required to read and sign the appropriate Code of Conduct.

Codes exist for Young People, Parents or Guardians, Teachers and Coaches, Leaders and Committee members.

All regular adult staff involved in the running of Kells Swimming Club including teachers and coaches shall act in a voluntary capacity.

All Coaching and Swimming Teachers shall have written agreements which outline their duties, functions and responsibilities.

All regular adult staff will undergo Garda vetting in accordance with ‘Swim Ireland Guidelines for Safeguarding Children 2008’ or most recent edition. If the applicant is from a jurisdiction outside Ireland, enquiries will be made to the relevant statutory bodies.


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